Manufacturing Capabilities


Our clients are a diverse group of businesses that have benefited from over 20 years of combined experience. These include power generation, chemical processing, and marine engineering. Many of our customers rely on our technical expertise to complete their projects. Combining our in-depth knowledge with our manufacturing prowess has proven to be an excellent solution for many industries.

Menon Metals manufactures Cold-Drawn Tubes in a range of sizes, from 12mm to 108mm OD. If you order more than 2 tons, custom sizes are possible.

Tubular products Type OD
Copper & Nickel Alloys Cold-drawn 12 - 108 mm

Our highly skilled engineers work closely with clients to address their requirements, and provide technical and product inputs for successful applications. We are a highly-respected company in the field tubing solutions because of our track record and high-quality products.

We offer solutions for industries that deal with the food and drink industry. Hospitality industries require the use of hygienic materials in their systems. We have a high success rate in this area thanks to the many resources we have. Our production capacity is 800 kg per month, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art machines that are regularly maintained.

Menon Metals is on the verge of updating and reinventing products in order to be lighter and more relevant to today's problems. 

Notable is also our work in the automotive industry. The parts that make up an automobile wear out quickly. They may require metals of a higher standard than regular steel grades to prolong their service lives. Automotive is a highly competitive industry and requires exceptional heat and corrosion resistance. They also require a tough and smooth exterior. Surface treatments can increase the life expectancy of these components while making them tougher and smoother. Surface finishing can be performed on products by our machines to enhance their mechanical and corrosion resistance properties. Our clients can also request customized and specialty finishes.

Our products are used in industries such as aerospace, power generation and fuel for separation, filtration, as well as purification. These products are more durable because they are highly resistant to corrosion. Our clients can be assured that our products are high-quality and come from responsible sources.

We use stainless steel as our main material, but we can also provide specialty metals for those companies that require them. Every business is unique, so we approach each challenge with a different perspective. Our team of engineers and vendors can help you find unique solutions to any challenging operation.

Menon Metals works with its customers to find a lasting, high-quality, and cost-effective solution for any application.