Quality Policy

We are an ISO-certified company and take great pride in delivering the best quality products to our customers all over India. Our products can be used in high pressure and high temperature environments. The products may also be exposed to highly corrosive media. We realize that the quality of our products is crucial. Menon Metals is one of the most promising Indian companies. We meet all legal and regulatory obligations. All processes, controls and procedures are documented and follow the legal guidelines. We work closely with our clients every step of their journey and are committed to making their businesses successful. We not only recognize the needs of our customers, but also gain insight into their products, methods, and means. Management at our company is committed to quality and goodwill towards our suppliers and clients.

Our goal is to be a leading, sustainable producer of piping solutions around the globe. Our mission is shared by the dedicated, hardworking, skilled employees of our company. We hire people who are capable, responsible, docile and highly competitive. We strive to improve our work processes, upgrade our qualifications and infrastructure. Through continuous training programs, our employees can gain the most current technology information. Our company's main goal is to make sure that the pipes reach their destination safely and comply with all regulations. Our highly trained workforce checks the quality of all tubes made here. Our highly skilled quality instructors perform frequent inspections to ensure that the tubes are manufactured according to all commercial, chemical, or technical manufacturing guidelines.

We encourage our regular stringent inspections at different intervals. This is perhaps why we are able to offer products that are uniform and meet the highest standards. Quality department also conducts destructive and non-destructive testing. Generally, destructive testing includes tests like Tensile Tests, Flaring Tests, Flaring Tests, Flaring Tests, Flaring Tests, Flaring Tests, Flaring Tests, Flaring Tests, Flaring Tests, Flattening Tests, IGC Test – Prac A, C, & E and Flange Tests. Non-Destructive Testing includes tests such as Ultrasonic Test and Hydrostatic Test as well as Dye Penetrant Test and Dye Current Test.

Menon Metals uses only environmentally friendly raw materials and chemicals in its processing. We support local vendors and take steps to ensure a green environment. Each vendor who is a part our sourcing circle is thoroughly vetted. We have earned the trust of many buyers over the years. Many of them continue to purchase our products. Our customers in various sectors, such as power generation, marine engineering and automobile, are able to get innovative tubing solutions from us. We recognize that different industries have different requirements, but what makes us unique is the way we address them. We update our clients with the most recent information and new solutions via a variety of information. All the latest developments are available on our social media channels. Buyers have the option to review them. We are proud to have been a part of many client's success stories because our communication channels work well.